The Price

Everytime i breathe

I feel vibrations around in my chest

Like something clotting around my heart

And i scream out

Asking for reasons

Looking for ways

But there is none around

Not a way not a person

No cure to this aliment

For it didnt happen to me

I invited it with my arms wide open

I knew it would end

And the hurt would never

But i was foolish

And wanted to take the risk

Paying the price now

With all my dreams and desires for it


2 thoughts on “The Price

  1. Have I mentioned how wonderfully you tell stories with your poems… they are dripping with emotion and seem like a complete tale ❤

    I've been so busy these past few weeks feels good to have some pretty, real pretty works of art to come back to.

    Thanks for sharing your talent ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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