Was there ever a story?

You lie to me and then deny

You want me to believe but why should i

Ours was a real story is what i thought

But there was none

For you were never here

I was all alone

Told me you loved me

But in your heart was always her

Did you think of her when we kissed?

Was it her lips you called beautiful and soft?

Then you ask me to believe you

But why should i?

Never were you the man i loved

Just a boy trying to save his face

Is this why we never told your friends?

Because they knew of her and judged your character

Was it her face you imagined?

Or was at least that one lunch true?

You seemed excited and i thought you loved me

But was it always her your mind regarded?

All i loved was you with all your flaws

Never did i doubt or try to change you

But your heart was never mine

Or were those three months at year end at least true?


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