Garden of solace

As days pass by I count them down

Growing into weeks, smouldering the air around

Lingering, holding onto the past ground

The place that was and never will be

The time that came and is forever gone

The space i created, my garden of solace

Came crumbling down, faster than the crown

The crown that was mine

The crown that i treasured

A crown on my finger that bound us together

Burning down the garden, the peace within

Setting a raging fire that none can extinguish

Slowly turning into an anguish

I control can not

As days pass by, it swallows me within 

The weeks are darker, the fire without light

It welcomes the darkness

Resistance and plead, it pays no heed

Months will be calmer, or so i believe

Hope is all and hope will survive

For live will we but a separate life


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