Magic and games

I can tease and you can hope Two can walk down that road I see your face and mine lights up Hurry along now hup hup The spells you say and swing your wand I am getting impatient On the clock and around Whats the truth and what you pretend Its all very hard to… Continue reading Magic and games

Think again

I ve been told that i dont get mad But people just dont know me I ve been told that i am sweet But people just dont know me I ve been told that i can be played But people just dont know me I ve been told that i am easy But people just… Continue reading Think again

Melancholy of Spring

Sitting on my couch Looking out the window A task so simple so relaxed so peaceful Yet all i feel is panic rising again Panic for all the things undone For all the matters to be conceived For all the world to matter again And when it subsides All one feels is a hollow in… Continue reading Melancholy of Spring


Arms around me, A cocoon of warmth Electricity and static Is how they described it Yet what i felt, in your arms Was nothing but peace and tranquility It was not like losing yourself In a world full of strangers Not quite finding yourself In an ocean full of memories But just a moment One… Continue reading Blue


Falling leaves and crumbling hearts Crushed snowflakes and stone cold breath Heat of the summer, the waves crashing in Even the flowers bloom but their colour fades away The world spins but time doesnt flow Everything is in a stasis, so cold But your love so strong, your power to fix it all As colours… Continue reading Unnamed

Meaning to life

As cold creeps up As the yellow leaves fall to the ground As the ground turns white And children build snowman As we lie in the cold Making angels in snow As the sun shines But lighter everyday As the wind picks up Higher and higher everyday As soup and turkey is laid out As… Continue reading Meaning to life


Standing here looking at my reflection Searching for the best lightening Whispers in my ear You look weird You look ugly You are too thin Too skinny too flat Been ages since i heard them Thought i had left them Behind… Coming back at me again I feel ugly again No makeup no jewellery Nothing… Continue reading Reflection

Polar opposites

Hold my hand and walk me through You came in as a surprise to me I am not sure of what to do You look at me and i smile But romance is not where you reside Its a blank page again Back to square one i am again You touch my hand and the… Continue reading Polar opposites

Hear me out

I cry and cry and cry I am yelling as loud as i can But no one hears No one understands I need to let this out My chest feels tight Its constricting I cant breathe Let me speak Hear me out please Listen to me and understand Comprehend I dont feel right Nothing feels… Continue reading Hear me out

Christmas tree

Once upon a time In a far far away land Lived a princess in pink Her heart so pure Her love so sweet One very cold snowy day A boy with an evil grin found her He enticed her Showed her the wicked world She did not know of before And then piece by piece… Continue reading Christmas tree