How could I forgive myself?

And she says she has forgiven me But how is that possible How do I comprehend it When I could not forgive myself What I did was wrong Horrible, cruel, repulsive How do I forgive myself For something I would not forgive someone else Even though she has forgiven me And she was the one… Continue reading How could I forgive myself?

The ones we call friends

There were those who cheated and lied There were those who broke the thread The thread that held the trust The trust that was the what bound There were those who laughed and jested There were those who reminded of devils Devils that take solace in the pain of others Pain that kills you deep… Continue reading The ones we call friends

Peace in our hearts

We walk down a familiar path Crippled leaves falling, cold winds blowing Rinsing off the pain of last spring You take my hand and i stop breathing For your warmth is essential for my survival For survive do i but along side you And love do i but you alone We walk down a familiar… Continue reading Peace in our hearts

The beach house that never will be

Laying on the beach where you left me Wondering where i went wrong Our cabin behind me, burning Flames soaring high mimicking pain inside me Winds carrying it higher, Rustling trees trying to soothe it There is no remedy to the hurt No one to pour water on the flame The cabin burns down to… Continue reading The beach house that never will be

When I thought we were still together

–For our love for sweets, particularly chocolate, which is now my love for sweets and your love for sweets all separate. The shining lights of the night The blazing sun of the day It all reminds me of you The flowers that sing The melodies of love And the cascadas that play The tunes of… Continue reading When I thought we were still together

A teacher like never before

Never had i a teacher like you before Made me hate the numbers, those before Three hours a week now i spent Smiling like an idiot And thanking Him and again For i hadnt planned but He always knew The section i had chosen was a bit skewed Changed did He it and a pleasure… Continue reading A teacher like never before

The Price

Everytime i breathe I feel vibrations around in my chest Like something clotting around my heart And i scream out Asking for reasons Looking for ways But there is none around Not a way not a person No cure to this aliment For it didnt happen to me I invited it with my arms wide… Continue reading The Price